Animated TV Commercial

Having the opportunity to work with the team at Toho Water Authority again I knew we were going to have some fun. The vision for this project was pretty clear and coming together with the style and design of the character it was important to keep in mind the animated actions and expressions that the script was indicating.

I LOVE IT!!!! We love our video so much! Fantastic job as always.

Storyboard edits lay a solid foundation to build on

On an animated project like this, one of the best ways to get through to any team and/or client is to determine timing and deliver a storyboard edit. This is usually when things all come together. The storyboard edit lays the groundwork for all work ahead such as timing out the characters actions, to music cues and sound design.

Storyboard Edit

Original materials for marketing campaign

Imagine A Day Without Water • Scene Composition

When approached to create a cartoon for a really fun idea, our creative gears started spinning out of control. We quickly set forth to write a script with the client to their satisfaction. We ended up with something silly and it set the stage for the design and animation style. Imagining a day without water infrastructure is something that a lot of people don't think about so the client decided to go with a day in the life of one of their own employees which was a neat idea. Everyone in their offices loves it and it played well on their social media pages.

Head rig using Joysticks n' Sliders in AE

Mouth rig using Joysticks n' Sliders in AE

Joysticks n' Sliders screen capture of AE null setup

Character Animated Commercial

This fully animated TV commercial was brought from it’s original conceptualization to completion in 2 weeks with a rigorous delivery schedule.

My process was clear and simple and the team at TWA were quick to deliver feedback. From design mockups to a pose based storyboard, this project proved the importance of a structured workflow.

Director • Designer • Rigger • Animator
Toho Water Authority
We Cannot Make It Rain • Imagine A Day Without Water