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The opportunity to have 100% creative control of the vision of a project is rare and at this magnitude it is unheard of. So I was really excited to let my creative freedom shine with this intro video for Nadeshot given the opportunity to have full control and trust. Inspired by modern, clean, design trends and the 100 Thieves swagger, I was motivated to tell the story of his rise to the top of esports through perseverance - it was a special story to tell through conceptual designs. I animated the CGI in Cinema 4D and the final project was compiled and finished in After Effects. Most importantly this project served as a testing ground for me using OTOY's new RNDR network to render almost instantaneously with 10,000 samples in extremely complex and unoptimized scenes.

We created a standalone 3D animated spot for the new Asus Lyra Voice speaker. Working alongside friend and fellow 3D artist Jeff Halalay in Cinema 4D is always a pleasure. Everyone is really happy with the end result.

Once again it was a pleasure working with my friend and fellow animator Jeff Halalay to create an excellent animation with a style we created years ago on our work together for “Lessons From A Tree.” I love when explainers can be clean but also beautiful.