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Another fantastic example of a client handing over full creative control. I'm very happy with how this entire piece ended up from start to finish. Going into this project I knew the deliverables of the 16x9, 1x1, and 9x16 vertical was going to play a role in how I could setup my scenes. There are a few strong visual concepts that I was able to successfully incorporate into this spot that I am really excited about. The projection of the website and reflection of the water, and the playlist that I had incorporated from a previous spot ended up being cut for timing reasons. Anytime I have a chance to play with Octane renderer, I take full advantage of the power and try to see how realistic I can make my scenes. I am happy with the outcome. Below I am including a different spot that I created for this same client earlier. And yes, that is my voice as this was the version I was happiest with before we ended up rearranging and cutting pieces back to fit as the script was being reworked.

We created a standalone 3D animated spot for the new Asus Lyra Voice speaker. Working alongside friend and fellow 3D artist Jeff Halalay in Cinema 4D is always a pleasure. Everyone is really happy with the end result.

Once again it was a pleasure working with my friend and fellow animator Jeff Halalay to create an excellent animation with a style we created years ago on our work together for “Lessons From A Tree.” I love when explainers can be clean but also beautiful.

There’s a journey with every client to learn how to tell their story in a way that they will appreciate and within their budget. This project was a great effort to achieve an animation within scope of the budget. I decided it would be best if we created a video with pose-driven illustrations and camera movement with depth and parallax.

It’s always fun to find creative solutions to tell a story. I really enjoyed creating these spots for an exciting new technology that hopefully doesn’t give us all brain cancer.

Another great day in the Studio 500 motion capture sound stage in downtown Orlando. We have such a great team. It’s a pleasure to work with such talented, hard working, and funny people!