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Another fantastic example of a client handing over full creative control. I'm very happy with how this entire piece ended up from start to finish. Going into this project I knew the deliverables of the 16x9, 1x1, and 9x16 vertical was going to play a role in how I could setup my scenes. There are a few strong visual concepts that I was able to successfully incorporate into this spot that I am really excited about. The projection of the website and reflection of the water, and the playlist that I had incorporated from a previous spot ended up being cut for timing reasons. Anytime I have a chance to play with Octane renderer, I take full advantage of the power and try to see how realistic I can make my scenes. I am happy with the outcome. Below I am including a different spot that I created for this same client earlier. And yes, that is my voice as this was the version I was happiest with before we ended up rearranging and cutting pieces back to fit as the script was being reworked.